I am a former NAIA/D-II college track and cross country runner out of South Dakota School of Mines in Rapid City, SD. While in college, I had a great deal of success I can directly contribute to all the hard work and miles I put in. The 15,000+ miles I put in during my five years at college took a big toll, both physically and emotionally. I left college proud of the program I left behind but I was broken and beaten down. I am currently still experiencing, what I would say most runners go through after graduating college where their life no longer evolves around running, a burnout. Burnt-out on running, on training, on following a schedule. Its just not something I can do anymore.

Don’t mistake South Dakota for home though. As much as I enjoyed coming into my own and truly growing up in the Black Hills, the mountains of Western Montana will always be considered home. There is something mystical and special about growing up in a place where you are taught from a young age that while there is no other place quite like it in the world, you have to work to keep it that way. Home is one of the few places where you are expected to not only respect and care for the wonders of the natural world, but were you are encouraged to go explore it every day because it constantly changes. This daily exploration of wonder and amazement helped shape me into the runner I am today.

Instead of running, these days I am letting my new life in the Bayous evolve around my career in the Army. I still run, but not on a set schedule or plan. I still race, but now I’m aiming to have fun while doing it. The main point of this blog is to explore the highs and lows of the post college running world as I work toward reconnecting with a sport I love. I also like to explore the growing pains as I truly leave the nest for the first time and strike out into the world on my own.

Recovery Miles (riˈkəvərē  mīls) – Milage done at an easy pace for recovery purposes or simple enjoyment

This is not my first attempt into the blogging word (it is my first using WordPress). I would say that some form of this blog has existed since around mid 2011 in various forms and various places around the internet. I have taken some of my content and posts from those other blogs to help lay the foundation for this one. From my past forays, I have found that being a blogger is not an exact science and more of an art form. So bear with me as I build this blog.


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