Growing Old

This post in in response to the Daily Prompt: Forever Young – If there were a real Fountain of Youth, would you drink the water?

My brother and I have very different views on aging and life in general. Take for example two years ago when he turned twenty. He was just done with his second year of college and you  would have thought he was in the middle of a mid-life crisis. Turning twenty, to him, marked the end of the first quarter of his life, and in his eyes he had done nothing with it. He had wasted a perfectly good twenty years of time growing up and going to school not to mention various other side activities such as spending the past few summers going to various Caribbean Islands and helping provide basic medical care. Yeah, that counts as nothing.

I, on the other hand, have just turned a ripe young 26. Having just completed my first two years in the Army, I fully believe my best is ahead of me. Unlike my brother, I don’t feel like I have lived a quarter of my life yet. There is still so much I want to experience and explore that it is pointless counting my life in years. It’s better to count my life in in experiences and growing old is part of that experience. I want to be able to look back at what I have done and feel bliss. I want to feel that I conquered the world in my own way on my own time. I want to be able to take it slow and enjoy life. There is no reason to turn back the clock in order to accomplish this.

If the fountain of youth were real, I would not drink from it. I don’t think there is anything to be gained from being younger again. Life has its different stages an each is wonderful in its own way. Why would I want to miss out on that?


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