Devil’s Lane

– Headwaters Relay Recap –

This is the final part in a six part series about the Headwaters Relay. See part five here.

There’s a reason that the road you run on day three is called Devil’s Lane, It’s how the day makes you feel…

The sign does not lie

The Sign Does Not Lie

I’ve had almost two full weeks since the end of Headwaters to sit back and reflect on the adventure I have had. From barely being able to walk for the few days after to a long flight back to Louisiana and a busy week at work it seems like running Headwaters was a lifetime ago. The week following Headwaters, I took a break from everything. No running, no writing. Just me, my dog, and afternoons spent lounging on the back porch soaking up the sun, I which I had a fair amount of time to reflect on the weekend I just had. I came to the following conclusions;

  1. That I would run it again if I was part of a faster team. Besides the first few legs on each day, we hardly saw anyone out on the relay because overall the team averaged about a 10 minute mile on the flats, putting us way slower than anyone else out there. While I did have fun and enjoyed the company I was with, we were out for 12 plus hours a day and that was way too long.
  2. I need to train better. I will never run up and over another mountain again without the proper training. I feel like that if I had been in better shape for my first leg, the rest of the relay would have been a lot less painful and more enjoyable for me. I basically screwed myself over by running that first leg and I paid the price.
  3. I would run some of those places day in and day out. The sights and lack of general population in most of the areas we ran would make for some great day to day running and training. It makes me want to move back home. But…
  4. The relay is too crowded. There are only 28 teams in the relay, but that is too many, especially on day three where the mountain roads are real narrow and everyone is bunched up at the start. It’s not only hazardous to everyone involved, but it takes a lot of the fun out of the relay when you keep getting dusted out by passing car after passing car.
The sign at the beginning of my trip across a mountain

The Sign at the Beginning of my Trip Across a Mountain on Day One

Historical Sign in Nevada City

Historical Sign in Nevada City on Day Two

Black Butte on Day Three

Black Butte on Day Three

While I did enjoy running the Headwaters Relay for the third time, it was not the experience I thought it would be this time around. Sure the sights were just as amazing as ever and I got to visit parts of Montana that I rarely see, or in some cases have never even visited before. The adventure was well worth the price I paid with my body, but there were many things that I was not satisfied with and a few things I would do differently the next time around. Yes there will be a next time…. sometime.


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