The Old West

– Headwaters Relay Day 2 –

This is part four in a six part series about the Headwaters Relay. See part three here.

I’m 98% certain that as I’m waking up on day two, there is no way I can run today. My legs are throbbing from the beating taken the day before and I struggle going down the single step out the door of the hotel room to get to the parking lot. As I hobble my way back to the van, all I can think about is I want more sleep, which is exactly what I get as I didn’t run until the middle of the day again.

My first leg of the day is along the paved roads around the Ruby River Reservoir. The leg description reads as fairly flat, a welcome change from my first leg yesterday.

The Ruby Mountains offered a back drop for the first half of the day.

The Ruby Mountains offered a back drop for the first half of the day.

Leg 8: Distance 5.8 Miles

Leg Description: Rating 2; paved road, very fast, cool reservoir, wouldn’t a dip be nice right about now?

Go north (left) on upper ruby road, past reservoir, to “Vigilante fishing access” sign and turn-out on left at 5.8 miles.

All I can say about this leg, is it would have been a joy to run if I had not been so sore from the mountain yesterday. The leg is all on a paved road with rolling hills that works its way around the Ruby Reservoir, offering up some spectacular views and some very easy running. My quads were in too much pain to enjoy most of the leg and I was very happy to get back in the van at the finish.

The goal on day two for every team is to reach Nevada City, Montana by high noon, or in my case reach it early enough that the cookies at the café are not sold out. (They are amazing by the way). Virginia City is a classic Old West Town with a rich history. While nothing more than a tourist stop these days, Nevada City has a sister city called Virginia City which was once the capital of Montana and a booming mining town. Running through the streets gives you a glimpse of life in the Old West. Besides it’s fun to lounge on the boardwalk in a rocker and watch the runners go by. Read more about the history of Virginia City here.

Some of the Buildings In Nevada City

Some of the Buildings In Nevada City

The second leg of my day is probably the most scenic leg of the relay. It is a beautiful, sweeping downhill into the Madison River valley. I’m just thankful for the fact that I don’t have either of the previous two legs, which are both treacherous up-hills.

Leg 14: Distance 5.1 Miles

Leg Description: Rating 2; What a leg!! Lucky runner who gets this one; view of the Madison Valley to die for.

Elevation Loss: 1570 feet

Keep going on this road (NOT back up where the car comes from!); at 4.1, turn left at intersection; to exchange point at 5.1

This leg was a quad pounding, beautiful downhill that I somehow survived and was able to run a seven minute miles despite being barley able to walk most of the day. The views into the Maddison river valley were as grand as advertised and I think that helped keep my mind off the pain in my quads.

After celebrating another successful day running with a beer, we headed into the town of Ennis, MT to check into our motel. Ennis is farming town at heart, but it’s known for its blue ribbon fishing during the summer. Many boats float down the Madison during the summer, many, if not all, will have at least one rod cast off the back. As usual, after dinner, I went out in search of beer and ice cream.

Just one more day to survive.


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