– Headwaters Relay Day 0 –

This is part two in a six part series about the Headwaters Relay. See part one here.

I have spent the last two days traveling. Wednesday was spent driving to Houston and then flying home to Western Montana. Today was spent driving across Montana to the town of Three Forks, which is better known as the confluence of the Missouri River. While the Interstate does run from my hometown to Three Forks, it went unused in our journey. Having some family friends in town, we decided to take the scenic route across the state and visit the towns of Twin Bridges and Big Hole. Well worth the trip.

Heading South out of Missoula, we went to Lookout Pass and stopped for a quick visit at the visitors center.

Lookout Pass Visitors Center

Lookout Pass Visitors Center

We continued East in to Big Hole and the Town of Wisdom for lunch, making a quick stop at the Big Hole Battlefield National Park.

The Visitors Center at Big Hole Battle Field

The Visitors Center at Big Hole Battle Field

Continuing East, we stopped at the ghost town of Bannack for a tour of the first Territorial Capital.

The Bannack School House

The Bannack School House

The Courthouse and later the Hotel Mead

The Courthouse and later the Hotel Mead

We then continued on to Three Forks to meet up with the rest of the team and head out for nice dinner at the Three Forks Café.

I know, that over the next three days, the only pressure I face is the pressure I put on myself, but I am still nervous for the next three days. I have never been very easy and forgiving on myself or my running and the train up to Headwaters has been no exception to the rule. I am not happy with my level of fitness going into the relay and part of me has wanted to back out for a long time. Blame and injury or lack of training, or just something to get out of it. I have to keep reminding myself that this is just all for fun. I don’t have to be the fastest one out there, I just have to make it from point A to point B. Plus I can drink while doing this.

Everything has seem to snuck up on me and come together too quickly, but like the mighty Missouri River there is no turning back. I’ll be up before the sun tomorrow to start this adventure at the union of the Madison, Gallatin, and Jefferson rivers, the birth place of the Missouri. The confluence of my next adventure in life.


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