Your Crazy

Editor’s note: This is a part one in a six part series about the Headwaters Relay.

What have I gotten myself into? Somehow I agreed to go back home and run a three day, 240 race in the high country of Southwest Montana. I’m totally not ready for this. It make no scene why I am doing this. I have only been running a few times a week, and never over five miles at a time. Something has got to give during this race; my mind, my body, I don’t know, just something. Now for a little background info and introduction to this series.

Headwaters relay is an awesome point to point relay over the last weekend in July/first weekend In August. The three days spent running take you from the confluence of the Mighty Missouri River along a 240 mile journey until the last crossing of Hellroaring Creek in Southwest Montana, also known as the place the Missouri River is born, which is also known as the headwaters. (Thus the relay name). The relay takes you from the great plains into the mountains, on dirt roads and single track trails, and past all sorts of wild life. It not so much a race as a journey with your team.

I only use the word awesome as I have run this relay two times before and enjoyed the running and the comradery that came with it. There is something about running on the dirt roads and trails of Southwest Montana that make you want to come back time and time again. Yes, on the previous two journeys, I have had my ass kick, chewed up, and spit out, but I am back for more. This is running at its roots. This is starting at the beginning of something mighty and working your way back to the beginning. In many ways it’s not about finding the beginning of the Missouri River, but In finding yourself. Portions of this relay will challenge any runner, at any skill level,, yet anyone can conquer each leg with enough will power.

I can’t tell you exactly why I jumped at the opportunity to run this race for the third time. Maybe it was a chance to get back home for a bit of time. Maybe it was an opportunity to see family and friends again. I don’t know. All I know, is that with my current level of fitness, I’m crazy to attempt this.

I will be blogging this adventure daily from the 30th of July (The night before the race) to the 2nd of August (Day 3), and a post after, for six total posts about the relay, covering my thoughts before and after the relay as well as daily race reports from each town we have stopped in that night. After the conclusion, I will put together an adventure page as well with the many photos I plan on taking during the relay. Service permitting, I will live blog on my twitter feed as well. I hope you come along for the journey.

More about Headwaters Relay here.


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