2014 In review

The obligatory, long-form, year-end update.

Bear with me here, as the post could get a little tedious, boring, and downright mind-numbing at times. I am currently the only one in my immediate family without a pair of headphones in (on Christmas eve of all days) and have decided I am going to write my last blog post of the year. So don’t expect to see another one until I get back to Louisiana.

Let’s start with my goals from last year; rated on a pass/fail scale.

My first goal was to work out every day. FAIL. I enjoy my weekends, friends, and beer a little too much to really want to do anything on Sundays except maybe sleep off a hangover and get ready to go back to work.

Goal number two was lead by example. PASS. My first full year in my job came out better than expected and my evaluation report came back very positive. While there is still a lot of room to grow, I’ll gladly take where I am now and go from there.

Third in the chute was to expand my cooking skills. PASS. I can now cook, Italian, Indian, and even a little Cajun food and I’m talking the real stuff for all there cuisines. I spoil myself in my kitchen and enjoy every minute of it. I also do like cooking for guests because the big meals are the fun meals to make. Next up is learning the classic southern dishes.

The fourth goal was not to let my other blog die. FAIL. Yea, its dead. It was basically dead when I wrote about not letting it die. CPR doesn’t help a blog come back to life. I’m sticking with one blog for now.

The fifth goal from last year was to start a Master’s Degree program of some sort. FAIL. I enrolled in a college, but didn’t declare a program or register for classes, does that count? Anyway I don’t quite know where I would find time to go to school on top of my work right now. Too busy to put my nose in a book.

My last goal from this past year was to write more. PASS. While it may not have shown up on here (yet), I have actually written quite a lot over the past year and it has really helped my start to come to peace with the person I am now. Also stay tuned for some new stuff soon.

I’m batting .500 for the year, which is better than every single MLB baseball player, so that’s a good sign. While I did set out to bat 1.000 for the year, sometimes you come up against a pitcher on a hot streak and go down swinging.

Next up is the year in review.

I spent the last full year in the middle of nowhere Louisiana thoroughly enjoying and hating life at the same time. I witnessed the first snowfall in a few years down there, and put up with the high heat and humidity for a summer. I battled more bugs that I ever could have thought existed. I ended up in the hospital for two nights once, and I actually survived living my first year all by myself and I still don’t have a dining room table. Got that?

Instead of counting my year in mile ran, I now count in pounds of ammunition hauled, and 91,000 lbs. later I have healthy respect for explosives. I did run some, but this is probably the first year in the last 10 where I didn’t put in over a 1,000 miles. I wasn’t really keeping track anyhow. I did get to do some cool things though while running. I made a trip to upstate New York for a race, which added another state to my list of places I have run. I learned that a 25 year old male, if in decent shape, can run a half-marathon for fun, and actual enjoy it (Thank You Baton Rouge). Most importantly I got back to enjoying running. It no longer feels like a job when I go out and run.

Life is currently a beautifully directed mess of chaos that I would not trade the world for because one, its my mess and two, the Cajun food is too damn good to leave behind.

Well that’s all for this year, see you all in 2015.


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