South goes North

Who knew that living for a little over a year south of the Mason-Dixon line would turn me in to such a wimp with cold weather? I mean, I should have seen this coming as I was freezing in 50 degree weather as I pack all the cold weather running gear I could find, full well knowing that unless something drastic happened, I probably wasn’t going to use it.

I was quite enjoying the 60 to 70 degree weather in Louisiana when I packed up and came north for 11 days. Now, the average high hovers in the Mid-twenties and drops easily into the single digits at night. But really, when did I become such a wimp in the cold? I spent the first 24 years of my life up here or on the Northern Great Plains, running day in and day out. I have run in 100+ degree weather and in temperatures well below 0 degrees and everything in between and in every single type of weather except for a tornado. But now I don’t want to even go outside for the next 11 days.

Bottom line, living in the south has turned me into a picky runner. It can’t be too cold out or to hot and humid. The radar has to be clear of crazy Gulf Coast Storms or dense fog. Is it just because I know the weather is more predictable down south or because I don’t feel the pressure to run every day now? Who cares! I’m most likely waiting to go running again until I go back down South. It’s too cold here.


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