The Lost Trail

Today was probably the worst trail run I have ever had. Period. I maybe ran a grand total of two miles, lost the trail for over 30 minutes, face plated once, and severely scratched up my legs to the point it looked like I ran through barb wire. As I am writing this, lying on my sofa, I hurt all over and can’t help but laugh at the experience.

Recently, I’ve become sort of obsessed with finding the old trail systems that crossed the southern part of the national forest where I work. While there are only two published trail systems on the maps, you can see many old markers on the trees when you use the trails and even the two published trails don’t follow the printed path or don’t even exist in parts. I have been successful in following these old trails in the past, making something of a private trail system that only I know.

Today was my first unsuccessful attempt. This one was really frustrating because this trail was marked on the map and I knew exactly where it started and ended, I just didn’t know what to expect in the middle.  Besides being very overgrown, and difficult to follow, the trail was also very rutted. Multiple scratches, bruises, and one bloody shin later the trail chewed me up and spit me back out.

Everyone has to lose a battle with the trail every now and then, why not today, but I’ll be back for another run.


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