Broken Watch

Part 1 of finally rediscovering myself

My original plan was to make a loud, splashy, fast entrance back into the world of competitive running, but s**t like a  6 to 6 job happens and soon you don’t find yourself running as much as you intended. Weekends, especially long weekends, help. But not enough. There is no pace in my schedule except for the Army and even then there is very little pace in what I do.

Speaking of pace, a little over a month ago, I broke the wrist band on my Garmin Forerunner 210.  Interesting design there, you can’t get a new wrist band without getting a whole new watch. I’ve had that watch for over four years and I had been running with a GPS watch for over six, so it’s been a little different running recently.

The first few weeks without the watch, and the few runs I went on, were a little weird without my digital brain. No longer could I  just look down and know my pace, distance, and time all at once. Sure, with my  ten-dollar, Walmart special Timex watch I still knew my time and I could figure out my distance based on my knowledge from previous runs and some trail markers, but pace was a whole different issue. It had been quite some time since I had just listened to my body about how fast I am running. For the first few weeks, I routinely punished myself by running too hard, most due to the fact that even with the Garmin, I always had to slow myself down. I always pushed myself to go faster on each and every run, and now there was no way on telling if I was going to hard. Sore legs and knee pain usually followed these runs and the hurt was back in full force.

Gradually, over the weeks, I started to get more in tune with how my body felt and how fast I was running. I started to slow down my runs and I started to enjoy myself while running again. No pressure of keeping up a certain pace, and soon I just wanted to go exploring on my runs again and run as far and fast as I wanted, only stopping when my body said so.

Soon thereafter, I found myself running without any thing around my wrist. It’s been liberating to say the least. All I’m worried about now is the pounding of my feet and of my heart. My mind wanders as I go exploring for what can seem like eternity but only is a moment in my day. Joy is once again returning to my runs and no longer is it a burden to set one foot in front of the other. There is a new found lightness in my legs and lungs that pushes and calls me to run once again.


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