Falling Flat and Scaling Back

My running has fallen flat on its face. It tripped over a curb and did a spectacular face-plant into the pavement. It has yet to get up off the ground.

I have found out I can not train at the same level I did in college, even if I plan it out and try really hard to follow it, something always gets in the way. Like days spent on the range, or just days spent late at work anyways. My life no longer ends at 3pm, just in time for three hours dedicated to running. Instead, work now goes from 0600 to 1800 Monday through Friday, and some days later, depending on what needs to get done.

I have come to accept that I can no longer train a the level I want to. I just don’t have the time for it right now. Maybe, once again, a few years down the road. But right now, its time to scale back and re-focus.

Instead of 60 mile weeks, I am going to focus on running 35-40 miles a week. I’m not going to worry about doing all the speed work and repeats. I’m just going to focus on getting out the door and running 5 or 6 miles. I’m going to attempt to start changing at work and go running right after. Just focus on the run, not the results. I think this scaled back plan will work. It’s focus is on just going for a run, not a training plan. I’m going to try and not worry so much about the next race and how fast I will go, at least not for now.

Its time to turn away from the runner I was and become a different one. The changes in my life dictate this. I do hope that one day soon I can revisit the runner of my past, but for now its time to scale it all back and learn to simply put might right foot in front of my left and then my left in front of my right and repeat over and over until the silent rhythm takes over and carries me home.


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