Green means Spring

Editor’s note. I went on a bit of a shopping spree, all related to running, and remembered that running is not a cheap sport. Enjoy my take on a spring buying guide.

It is said that running is a cheap and simple sport. All you need to do is throw on a shirt, a pair of short, lace up your shoes, and head out the door. Any runner will tell you while, yes it can be quite simple at times, it is anything but cheap. The shoes cost money. The clothes cost money. Hell, even the races cost money. It all adds up pretty quick at times, especially with spring and summer just around the corner. So if the change in weather isn’t enough to get you excited about running again, I offer this simple step by step guide on how to spend your money to get you to lace up those shoes and get out the door.

The retail guide on how to a runner excited about running again:
(A step by step buying guide)

Step 1: New Shoes
The first thing that should be done every spring. You just got done with winter running (or not running) and plan on rampimg up the miles again. What a better way to protect your self from injury, and a low credit score, than to buy new shoes. Go for something new, bright and flashy. With them, you’ll be attempting to jump over the mud puddles in no time.
Mizuno Wave Rider 17 $115

Step 2: New Clothing
If the shoes are not enough, try some clothing. The weather is warming up, so that means shorts and t-shirt time. Once again, nothing says your a serious runner like a brightly colored shirt and shorts to match. But, speaking from experience, don’t buy white shorts, it doesn’t end well if you sweat a lot or it rains. Also consider a light weight jacket for those cooler days.
Nike $25-$75 ea.

Step 3: New Equipment
Whether it is a new GPS watch to track your miles or a foam roller to help your muscles after a run, the gear we use is important to us as the shoes them selves. With my watch I prefer to keep it simple and have a watch that just shows time, distance and pace. But if you want a watch that can do your taxes too, Garmin makes one.
Garmin Watch $130-$400
As far as post run equipment goes, you cant go wrong with a foam roller. You can get almost every muscle in your legs with one and its a lot cheaper than paying for a massage. Plus, it doesn’t bruise you most of the time.
TP Foam Roller $40

Step 4: Sign Up for a Race
Pick a race some time in the next month and sign up for it. Don’t go crazy here. Pick a distance that you know you can complete, like a 5k. Everyone likes 5k’s. I recommend something local. You don’t even have to race it if you don’t want to. Just get out and celebrate spring with all your fellow runners.
Race Bib Number $20-$50

Step 5: Find a New Trail
Quite possible the best thing to do in the spring is to find a place you have never run before and explore it. State Parks and National Forests are abundant with trails. All you have to do is go online and find one near you and pull up the trail map. While most usually do have a fee, many do not charge for foot traffic. So get out there and tear up that new (to you) dirt.
Trail Maps: Free

If all this doesn’t get you excited about running and out the door, I don’t know what will.

No, I did not get paid to put the  links or endorse the companies. It is all clothing and equipment that I wear/use on a regular basis  when I run. This was all  done in good fun and with some slight pain to my wallet.


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