An update to my New Years Resolutions… 

I am finding out developing new habits is hard.

First there is the changing of your routine and schedule. Next, you have to do it over and over again until it becomes part of your routine and schedule. (Ok, so maybe developing new habits are not that hard, just very time consuming.) In the end you end up finding more about who you are as a person.

I decided to be like a lot of people this year and set some resolutions for the new year and try very hard to make some changes in my life. I have done some form of exercise every day so far this year, bought two new cookbooks and have used each twice already, and even figured out the direction I would like to take my other blog. (Its down for a re-vamp right now). I am still working on the other three goals I had and have started to form a plan.

In the process of forming my new habits, I have learned a few new things about my self:

1. I have a weakness for Indian and Thai food. I made almost 6 pounds of chicken korma and rice one night, it was gone it two days. The recipe was from one of my new cook books and was easy to follow and tasted amazing. I also found out my love affair with Italian food will probably never die. (I need to go to Italy…)

2. I enjoy going to the gym at night. The local gym is open to 2200 on weeknights and 2000 on weekends. I have found that I enjoy working out starting about two hours before closing. The place is usually quieter than during the day and there are not as many people who don’t know what they are doing on the machines. Also no one bothers me, save for a few of my soldiers now and then, who I am always happy to talk to.

I have also found out that old habits are hard to kick. I much rather sit around than go for a run, I rather drive into town for food most nights than cook, and I still hate exercise anytime before 1000. Forcing my lazy ass out of bed and onto the streets for a run is more than a challenge in its self. I used not to be, as all I wanted to do for four and half years was run. But now I enjoy my sleep.

Changing my habits is part of the journey that I’m taking and something I’ll always be working on, but what is a life with out goals and change.


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