This post is in response of the daily prompt – Happy Happy Joy Joy: What does “happiness” look like to you?

Happiness is the feeling of the rising sun upon your body on a crisp fall morning as you follow a familiar trail through the woods. It is hearing nature come alive around you as the sun slowly peeks over the mountains and gives the day its first breath of life. It its the feeling of the slight breeze on your face that reminds you all is not lost.

Happiness is the crispness of the air around you, remnants from a late autumn night. It is the babbling of the stream as you race to the next patch of sun. It is the tranquility of the woods around you, knowing you are exploring alone.

Happiness is feeling the crunch of gravel and dirt beneath your stride. It is the rhythm of your breathing as you take in the fresh morning air. It is the feeling of your body working together as one. It is ascending that final climb to the top of the hill and watching sun make one last push to go above the horizon.

Happiness is the pause in your run as the sun does so, taking your breath away.



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