New Year, New Goals, Same Blog

This post is in response to the daily prompt – Progress: When you look back at your blog on January 2, 2015, what would you like to see?
It also has more of a personal touch than just what I want to see with my blog in a year.

I already wrote about my New Years Resolutions, now its time to get a little more goal oriented in relationship to my blogs.

One year from now, when I look back at my blog I would like to see growth. I would like to see growth in my writing skill, growth in readership, and a growth personally. I would like to look back at the blog that I started as an outlet for my disillusionment from running and the torment it has played across my soul and see a changed man.

The growth in writing skill will come with time, as most skills do. It will take some self-restraint not to get frustrated near the end of my posts as I often do. It will take resolve not just to post anything, but to have a theme that I follow with some variations. Most importantly it will take feed back, hopefully of the constructive criticism kind, from my fellow writers and readers. I welcome it with open arms.

My goals for writing are to continue with the shorter posts, 500 – 1000 words, and start producing some longer essays and articles. With the shorter posts, I am aiming for one or two a week with the goal of one being a daily prompt and the other, a personal piece. With the longer essays and articles, I would like to publish one a month. Topics here will most likely be one of my races or adventures. No guarantees on the date of the first one, but check back around the first week of February.

I will also be going back and editing some of my older posts, as I like to do, with some revisions, updates, pictures, and thoughts. I like to do this to make it worth while to explore back in time for not only me, but also my readers. I will make note of any major changes to any of my posts, but for the most part, it will take some exploring the past for the reader to find the changes.

The growth in readership will come slowly but steady as any blog does. For my part, I am a little timid on sharing on social media, I routinely only post links to one site, Google+ (I know, lame). I just don’t know what it is, I just much rather have people find my blog, than me find people for it. I also feel that guest blogging is a great way to grow readers. I will possibly be looking for a few guest bloggers this year as well as start looking for opportunists to guest blog my self.

The personal growth that I would like to experience from this blog is to two-fold. I would, and am currently, continue to mature in my personal attitude towards running and work back into a healthy physical and emotional relationship with the sport. I would also like to start pushing away the black cloud that has hung over my head for many years. (Don’t ask, its just part of me) In short I want to uses this blog as an outlet to help steer my life back onto a path I want to be on.

I feel like all three of my goals with this blog can be accomplished in the next year and I hope you continue reading.


5 responses to “New Year, New Goals, Same Blog

  1. Hello Thomas,
    I think your blogging goals sound very well thought out and realistic. I wish your all the best with them. Like you I want to look back a year from now and see growth in terms of my writing skills and audience attraction as well. I wish you the best with finding the healthy balance point you are seeking with your sport. Blog on!

  2. Keep on perservering! That’s what I’m doing too! Good luck with sticking to your goals, I’m trying this too. I used to post more regularly than I do now. All change! Mathurini

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