New Years Resolutions – The 2014 Edition


I hope everyone had a wonderful 2013 and is looking forward to 2014.

By all standards, I had a great year in 2013. Yes, there were many highs and lows, but looking back, what I accomplished in 2013 is pretty impressive and thus makes the year a success.

Now for everyone’s favorite past time at New Years: Making Resolutions.

Here are mine:

1. Work Out Every Day – yeah, I know… same as a million other people. Whether it is running, going to the gym, biking, or just doing a couple of body weight sets at home, I need to get back in the habit of working out.

2. Lead By Example – My job requires me to be a leader and set the standard. In my opinion this is done by doing everything the right way. And if you don’t know how, ask someone. You don’t have to be overly vocal to be a leader, you just have to have people follow you.

3. Expand My Cooking Skills – Not too hard of a goal, I just need to spend more time in my kitchen with my cook books. I think along with this goal should be maintaining a healthy diet. Cooking and eating right can go hand in had.

4. Don’t Abandon My Other Blog – I feel like having a separate blog about my career is probably for the better. Its really two different lives I lead and I would find it hard expressing them through the same outlet while maintaining the identity of this blog. In general, I would like to not abandon either of my blogs in the next year.

5. Start a Masters Degree Program – I have five different masters degrees I would like to get (I know, that’s a lot).  Not all of them are career related, but the challenge will be picking one I can, and will, do online. I just have to pick one and get started.

6. Write More – Whether it be on this blog, my other one, or some other place, I need to write more. I won’t make a specific goal when it comes to posts because they happen when they happen. I will try to answer the daily prompts that inspire me and possibly do some weekly challenges on WordPress, but if my thoughts end up on a pad of paper, I still will be happy.

That about sums it up. I do have a bunch of little goals I would like to accomplish during the year, but they don’t belong here, this is for the big stuff.

I hope everyone has a good year this coming one and achieves at least some of their resolutions. (Apparently only 8% of people achieve their resolutions, so no worries if you struggle.)


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