It was Red

This post is in response of the daily prompt – By the Skin of Your Teeth: Share a time when you narrowly avoided disaster.

All I remember was that the truck was red and it had a trailer. No sounds, no thoughts, just the color and it was pulling a trailer. And that it almost ran me over. My running partner that day remembers the licenses plate number.

All I know is that I was not at fault for what almost happened.

We were running in downtown Rapid City, SD and were on our way back to the college campus when we were stopped by a red light at the interaction of Mt. Rushmore Rd. and Kansas City St.. Like normal, we waited until we had the cross walk sign to continue on our run. As soon as I saw the cross walk signal change to let us cross, I darted out into the street without seeing the truck that had run the light.

In those next few seconds, I remember becoming aware of an object approaching form the side of me and turning my head to look at. All I saw was red. No life flashing before my eyes, no bright lights, just the red truck about a foot away from me. In that instant everything became silent, and as I kept moving, dark. My running partner said he started yelling and swearing, some horns were honking, and some lady got out of her car, but somehow those sounds and visions do not render to me. I don’t remember how I got across the street, but somehow by the grace of god I didn’t get hit.

I remember swearing really loudly right after I realized what happened and turning to see the truck speeding off up the road with a trailer in tow. I remember hearing a lady ask if I was O.K.. I remember my friend looking like he had seen a ghost.

Adrenalin pumping, we finished up the last mile and a half back to school, me feeling lucky to be alive.


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